• Daregon Delord


    July 27, 2013 by Daregon Delord

    High, I made the page "Items" and I am putting it in order, but I am thinking of making more then on page for this stuff or something cause it is beginning to look like a mess. I guess any ideas on it might help, I am just trying to record all kinds of items that come around, so if people want to look for things they want, they can try and find them.

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  • Luckyfingers1213

    I am lvl 30

    Everyday ChrisD lvl 31 hits me and i cant do anything to him, he used to be 4 lvls below me but now he is bigger than me.

    i need 16 million for CC5 and cant get 1 million, He uses Dragons , how do i kill them?

    this is a waste of time and effort

    he takes more than i get daily

    please tell me what to do about this! 

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  • Avagothen

    Wiki structure

    June 11, 2013 by Avagothen

    I've been making quite a few edits and creating new pages on this wiki recently...  If anyone wants to comment on the structure then please do so!  In particular, the research costs for the different robots are currently in a bunch of tables within the Robotics Lab and Research Center pages, but I think it might make sense to incorporate this data either into the existing stats tables on each robot's page, or into a second table on those pages.  If anyone has any opinions on which would be better then let me know before I spend the time moving / extending the tables on 22 pages!

    Thanks for reading!


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