Defense Towers are a type of building. Rather than build units or produce resources, they defend the base from enemy attackers. Defense Towers will attack any enemy units which come within range.

All Defense Towers require power to function, and can be reduced down to 30% firing speed without sufficient power.

Players may build three types of turrets: Light Rail Guns, Defensive Cannons, and LRAT Cannons. AIs are able to build two more, EMP Cannons and Radiation Towers.

Light Rail GunEdit

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Light rain

Light Rail Guns are basic rapid-fire defenses. They are threatening to any Rovers or Transports which come too close, and are the only player-built defense that can destroy Gunships.

Defensive CannonEdit

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Defense tower

Defensive Cannons are long-ranged defenses which deal splash damage. While they do great damage to anything they hit, they are inaccurate at longer ranges and cannot attack Gunships. This means that an enemy, given sufficient micromanagement or the right army, can avoid taking damage from Defensive Cannons.

LRAT CannonEdit

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LRAT Cannons are very powerful and long-ranged, but fire slowly. They are most effective against Transports, which they can often destroy in one shot.

LRAT Cannons do not become available until the Central Computer reaches level 5.

EMP CannonEdit

Only available to AI bases, the EMP Cannon resembles a Defensive Cannon, but has a different function.

The EMP Cannon does not damage units, but instead applies an EMP effect to them, preventing them from moving or shooting for a limited time. The EMP Cannon is able to affect Gunships, unlike Defensive Cannons.

Radiation TowerEdit

Radiation shields

A Radiation Tower, NOT as it appears in-game!

Also unique to the AI, Radiation Towers slowly damage everything in an area around them. Periodically, the Radiation Tower emits a large green circle, dealing damage to all ground and air units within range of the tower.

The effectiveness of Radiation Towers can be minimized by equipping units with radiation shields or barium shields in their research screen, or by destroying power plants to reduce the speed at which they cause damage.