The Reserves Bay is an Important building to Mars Frontier. It is literally essential to have in multiplayer as it gives you the option to create, modify, repair and disband battalions.

Battalions Edit

Battalions are created in the Reserves Bay. They can be modified, repaired and disbanded. Battalions are somewhat smaller in size compared to the Base Defenders as the Battalions can't have as much units in them compared to the Base Defenders.

The Battalions are used to attack other players; including their battalions, protect the base so that other players won't destroy the base head-on, or attack and claim quarries which lasts 28 days from when they spawn. They can also guard the quarry from other players attempting to claim it for their own.

Trivia Edit

  • When Battalions are created, they are named after the NATO phonetic alphabet; starting at Alpha and ending at Zulu.