This building is required if you wish to join or create an alliance.  It also has an option, if you are in an alliance, to request reinforcements.  This posts a clickable message in your alliance chat area.

Upgrading allows you to receive more units from allies as reinforcements, and to send larger (i.e. they take more space) units to allies when they request reinforcements.  Reinforcements can be used in any attack instead of some or all of your own units.  As they are 'used up' by this whether you win or lose the engagement they are excellent for use as suicidal distractions or as bait to clear out Detonator Droids or Phantoms.

Changing RegionEdit

Your Transmitter is also used to Change Region, which effectively moves your entire base from one Martian zone to another.  Some zones are PvP regions, like the one you start the game in, where you can score points on the PvP ladder by destroying 50% or more of your rivals' bases.  Other zones have quarry areas which, if you can conquer and hold them, produce Water and Iron in much the same way as the Harvester buildings.  The 'Collect All' button collects the resources for you.


  • You can only change regions once a week - there is a 7 day cooldown timer.
  • You must have a level 5 or higher Central Computer in order to change regions.
  • You can only request or use reinforcements when in a PvP region.
  • You do not gain any XP from resources harvested from quarries.

Building upgrade statsEdit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Health 10k 12.5k 15k 17.5k
Quarry limit 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Donations 90 170 225 300 375 450 510
Send size 25 35 50 70 85 95 100
Power 200 225 250 275 300 325 350
Build water 80,980 161,960 1,411,500 2,745,000 6,405,000 9,150,000 17,080,000
Build iron 48,588 80,980 705,750 1,464,000 1.83 mil 2,562,000 4,148,000
Build time 4m 35s 20m 50m 4h 12h 1d 4d
Central Computer level 3 3 4 7